Catie Newell:  Nightly Images

Opening Reception with Catie Newell Saturday September 15 from 4-7:30 pm

The images capture an instant in Detroit when darkness is displaced and light mis-registers the urban landscape. The photographs are part of the ongoing series Nightly, which records the presence of another city—a city vanishing into a darkness that removes its walls, alters its spaces, and haunts. The method of printing these photographs creates a layer of metallic sheen, and the subject matter fades in and out of visibility as it shifts through shades of black. It becomes especially difficult to see as the sun sets.

The Nightly photographs inform and infuse the suspended installation, which enacts the material change in the streetlights of Detroit. To deter scrapping, the city has moved from underground copper wiring to aboveground aluminum wires, despite the drop in electrical efficiency and the aesthetic problems of light replacement.

It is impossible to see the beauty of the images from the reproductions.  Seeing them in person the viewer will be engulfed in the mystery and beauty of each image.




Consuelo Kanaga Milton Avery Halsted Gallery Exhibition