Marion Post Wolcott (1910 – 1990)

Marion Post Wolcott was born in 1910 in Mont Claire, New Jersey. She was the second daughter of Mrs. and Dr. Post. In her teen years, her parents divorced and she and her sister were sent to boarding school. It was at this time that she developed a special relationship with her maid and housekeeper, and a great empathy for black Americans that is so evident in her FSA photographs. On many of her vacations, she spent time with her mother, who set up birth control centers for women and was considered quite progressive for the time. It was in the village with her mother, that she was introduced to dance and music. In 1932, Marion went to Paris to study dance. She then went to Vienna, where her sister was studying, and met Trude Fleischmann, who suggested she pursue photography. When she returned to New York, she joined and became active in the Camera Club. It was there, that she became friends with Ralph Steiner and Paul Strand. Steiner sent her portfolio to Roy Stryker, who hired her for the Farm Security Administration from 1938 to 1941. In 1941, she married Lee Wolcott, the assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture. She then gave up photography to raise her family, although she remained artistically active. Marion Post Wolcott died in 1990.