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The Gallery

In November of 1969, the decision was made and Tom Halsted found a great old house in which to start his first gallery. The gallery started dedicated primarily to the education of the public about fine art photography and as awareness grew, so did the gallery. In the early days, Tom had personal relationships with some of the masters of photography such as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Harry Callahan, Andre' Kertesz and many others. There were even many instances in which photographers such as Berenice Abbott had to ask Tom how she should price her photographs. A glimpse at many of these relationships can be seen in the letters and photos in the news portion of this site. In 1980, Tom participated in the founding of the AIPAD organization and was also one of its first presidents. Years later, his daughter Wendy served as a board member. With the advent of the internet and the Fine Art exhibitions, things have changed. The gallery is now open to people from allover the world at a touch of a button or a quick plane trip.

Today, The Halsted Gallery is still dedicated to the education and promotion of fine art photography, encompassing the 19th and 20th centuries as well as contemporary photography. The Gallery still emphasizes photographs from 1900-1950, but also embraces newer contemporary photographers. We invite you to visit us either in person, on the web or at one of the many shows we participate in throughout the country.

Represented Artists

Berenice Abbott
Ansel Adams
Jesse Alexander
Joan Almond
Richard Avedon
Ruth Bernhard
Ilse Bing
E. Boubat
Margaret Bourke White
Bill Brandt
Nick Brandt
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Wynn Bullock
Harry Callahan
Julia Margaret Cameron
Cornell Capa
Robert Capa
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Larry Clark
Imogen Cunningham
Edward S. Curtis
jack delano
Robert Doisneau
Peter Henry Emerson
Morris Engle
Frederick Evans
Walker Evans
Larry Fink
Leonard Freed
L.E. Glazer
Lyle Gomes
Jan Groover
Hill & Adamson
Lewis Hine
Candida Hofer
Don Hong-Oai
George Hurrell
William Henry Jackson
Yosuf Karsh
Kim Kauffman
Michael Kenna
Andre Kertesz
Lisa Kerteszi
william klein
Balthazar Korab
Josef Koudelka
Dorthea Lange
J. H. Lartique
leon Levinsten
Helen Levitt
O. Winston Link
Marketa Luskacova
Barbara Macklowe
Joel Meyerowitz
Sasha D.. Meyerowtiz
lisette Model
Barbara Morgan
Wright Morris
Arnold Newman
Ruth Orkin
Irving Penn
Marilyn Rauth
Willy Ronis
Arthur Rothstein
sabastiao salgado
August Sander
George Seeley
Greg Semen
Julius Shulman
Aaron Siskind
Eugene Smith
rodney smith
Larry Snider
Camille Solyagua
E. Steichen
Alfred Steiglitz
Ralph Steiner
Paul Strand
Karl Struss
George Tice
Jerry Uelsmann
Carleton Watkins
Brett Weston
Cole Weston
Edward Weston
Clarence H. White
Minor White
David Williams
Marion Post Wolcott
Max Yavno
Steef Zoetmulder
Ion Zupcu
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