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Currently Available Titles

In addition to current titles, we have a large selection of rare and hard to find books. Please call for specific titles.

Gathering Calm
Photographs: 1994-2004
Bill Schwab
foreward by Nancy Sojka - Graphic Arts Curator, DIA

"Bill Schwab knows landscapes

Hardcover - cloth with tipped in cover plate
11 3/4 x 12 inches
48 pages, 36 tritone plates
ISBN 0-9765193-2-1
$55.00 - signed copy

Call to order

Edward Weston - A Legacy
Jennifer Watts, Jonathan Spaulding, Jessica Todd Smith, Edward Weston, Susan Danly

11,7 x 11.8 inches
288 pages
ISBN 1-8589420-6-3
$47.25 (from Amazon.com)

Ruth Bernhard
Between Art & Life
Margaretta K. Mitchell

Hailed by Ansel Adams as "the greatest photographer of the nude," Ruth Bernhard is an icon in the photographic world. As told by Ruth in countless conversations with close friend and biographer Margaretta Mitchell, this thoughtful, illustrated memoir is a true tribute to the legendary artist. Reminiscent of a personal scrapbook, the engaging text is adorned with an abundance of fascinating memorabilia and nostalgic snapshots. Woven throughout is correspondence between Ruth and her mentor Edward Weston, as well as interviews with friends, colleagues, students, and her long-time printer. Also included is a special section entitled "Workshop," which surveys Ruth's acclaimed teaching methods. Coinciding with an exhibition in honor of Ruth's 95th birthday, Ruth Bernhard: Between Life and Art is a beautiful celebration of an extraordinary woman.

Margaretta Mitchell, author of the biographical essay in Ruth Bernhard: The Eternal Body, is herself a dedicated photographer whose work is widely exhibited. Her articles on photography have appeared in numerous magazines. She lives in Berkeley, California.

9.9 x 10.1 inches
172 pages
ISBN 0-8118219-1-9
$19.77 (from Amazon.com)

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